Innovative Myofunctional Therapy
                          of Maryland

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Myofunctional Therapy in Maryland

The Evolution of IMT of Maryland

Working in the field of dentistry for two decades and noticing the deformity of the face, upper and lower jaws from sucking habits i.e..  fingers, thumbs, pacifiers, and prolonged bottle and sippy cup use. I knew that most patients would end up with orthodontics.  Even with their treatment of orthodontics I saw prolonged or relapsed situations which lead me to understand why orthodontics and myofunction therapy had to collaborate for the best results.   Through my professional journals I learned about myofunctional therapy more in depth, and was then lead to the IAOM (International Association of Orofacial Myologist).  

After looking into myofunctional therapy I decided to take my first intro course which lead me to know it would be the first of many courses to come.  I decided after seeing the great need for therapy to implement my practice in Maryland.  

Therapist Education

 Intense intro course 28 hrs which included: Anatomy/Physiology of head and neck,   Evaluation to map out individualized treatment plan, Phases of treatment to include Pretreatment conditioning, Swallowing Patterns, and Integration into lifestyle,  Elimination of noxious habits, and Practicum application.  Followed up by a 28 hr  internship which covered extensive treatment planning and practicum for the correction of tongue thrust, proper swallowing pattern, tongue rest posture, lip incompetence along with eliminating  unfavored habits.