Innovative Myofunctional Therapy
                          of Maryland

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Why would you be concerned?
Orofacial myofunctional disorders may have a negative effect on the development of the dentition, particularly dental eruption patterns and/or alignment of the teeth and jaws. Speech patterns may become distorted or misarticulated. Parafunctional habit patterns may have a negative influence on the functioning of the temporomandibular joint. Correcting or improving resting tongue or lip relationships can be instrumental in aiding the development of normal patterns of dental eruption and alignment. Myofunctional therapy for tongue thrusting and lip incompetence may be recommended for a variety of functional or cosmetic reasons. 

If the patient already has orthodontic appliances, correcting the myofunctional disorder can help stabilize the orthodontic result by creating a more desirable and healthier oral environment. Usually the therapy programs are designed to retrain patterns of muscle function and to aid in the creation and maintenance of a healthy, adaptive orofacial environment. Therapy can help in the retention of the dental and/or orthodontic treatment, in the enhancement one's appearance and in the maintenance of optimum dental health for a lifetime of benefits.

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